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Circles - FAQ

What is Circles?

Circles is a contact exchange app and a group creation tool. Single tap to exchange contact information with people nearby and immediately start collaborating with the group you formed, whether it is with just one person or hundreds.

This is powerful, not only when you meet new people, but even with close friends and colleagues: instead of typing everyone’s names into email, everyone clicks to form the group and Circles does the work for you.

Circles lets you customize what you share about yourself based on whom you meet - it’s like having many tailored business cards at the tip of your finger: one for business, others translated to different languages, one for social, and one for when you don’t really want to share much, other than maybe an email.

Having the records of your encounters along with photos of your contacts helps you remember the context of how and when you met, and will keep your contacts’ information updates dynamically.

How to use the Circles app?

There are many ways people use the app, but most commonly:


Are you meeting for work? social? your hobby? meeting people who speak a different language? or are you worried you'd get spammed? Tailor a card to share what fits the moment. It’s like having many business cards, and handing the right one for the situation.


Circles searches for people in your proximity who also tapped to exchange at about the same time and creates a group (circle).


Start single click interaction with the entire circle (or any subgroup) as soon as it is formed. The app automatically saves your contacts and keeps them updated. No more scanning business cards or manually entering data.

Will you spam my contacts?

No. We do not download your contacts into our database and will not spam your contacts.

Will I be discovered by others? Can I use Circles to find my friends around me?

No. We respect your privacy, and will never show you to people in close proximity, unless you initiate an exchange around the same time that they do. It is not enough to have the Circles app on your phone; you need to actively start an exchange to be discovered. There are many apps that will show you everyone around you, but Circles is simply not that type of an app.

We took your privacy a step further - thinking that in crowded places you may actually want to prevent others from accidentally joining your circles, so we let you use a secure code to meet privately.

What am I sharing about myself?

It’s completely up to you! The beauty of Circles is that we let you share flexibly. Create different cards for yourself, each tailored to fit the situation and the people you meet. Turn sharing on or off for any bit of information in each of your cards.

See multi cards for more.

What are Multi cards? How do I use them?

Are you meeting for work? social? your hobby? meeting people who speak a different language? or are you worried you'd get spammed? Tailor a card to share what fits the moment. It’s like having many business cards, and handing the right one for the situation.

Use the ‘add a new card’ feature, available from most of the app screens, to add another card, either by duplicating the current active card or by creating one from scratch, then add tidbits or change the sharing for each tidbit based on your needs in that card.

To share a different card with a circle, simply pick that card from the drop down list before you share or from within that circle’s screen.

How do I update my contacts when my information changes?

If you edit a card, everyone you shared this card with will automatically have your updated information. For example, if you switched jobs, you may want to edit your work card to reflect your new role, including your title, email address, phone number and more. Anyone you meet with, and shared your old email with, will now have your new information and can keep in touch.

Accordingly, if your email address had changed, and your old email address is no longer valid, all you need to do is edit your email address in any of your cards. Once saved, anyone you shared the old email address will have the new one, no matter which card you shared with them.

If, on the other hand, your old email address is still valid, and you want the change of emails to take effect just for that one card, do not edit the old email. Rather simply turn off sharing of the old email address in this particular card, and add the new email with sharing turned on.

How do I start an ad hoc group with people near me:

  • From the app’s main tab Circle icon faq tap the share button Share content
  • You can pick one of many apps to send the invitation to as many people as you’d like
  • The recipients can join you either using a browser, or they may download the app and use the link they receive from you to join your circle. Once they download the app, they should go back to your invitation and click the link again to be directed straight into the circle screen.

What if I’m at a crowded place?

To ensure that people in the next table do not accidentally join your circle, use an optional secure code instead of scanning for people near you. The code is flexible, pick any word(s) you want! Just make sure everyone enters the same code before it expires.

Or send a meeting invitation via email, text, NFC, Airdrop or any other supported service. The people you invite will receive a deep link that they can use to join your circle, either by using the app or from a browser.

What if I am not at the same location as the people I am meeting?

Use a secure code to start a circle or to add people to an existing circle. Or send a meeting invitation via email, text, or any other supported service.

Secure Code

Use the secure code feature if you want to restrict the circle to people who know the code, or if you are unable to use the nearby feature for some reason, such as when you want people to join the circle remotely.

  • From the app’s main tab Circle icon faq tap the secure code button Secure code content
  • Enter a code. You can make it up... be creative... or use the code generator. Just make sure that everyone who is trying to join your group enters the same code as you did.
  • (Optional) You may change the expiration time of the code up to 48 hours. If that is not sufficient, you may extend the time beyond 48 hours by adding people to the circle using the same code. You may stop the collection at any time if everyone you expected to join already did.
  • That’s it. Circles will search for and add everyone who entered that code before it expires, whether they are near you or not.

Having another questions or concerns that we did not address?

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you and will do our best to get back to you quickly.

Get the Circles app on your phone and start meeting now.