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Simply click to meet

Because business cards are so outdated

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Not just for new contacts

Use Circles in ALL your meetings: simply tap to meet everyone in the meeting, whether you already know them or had just met. Circles creates an ad-hoc group and exchanges contact information among everyone. You can instantly start a group email or text message. Powerful, right?

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We just met… which contact information should I share?

We’ve all been there, not yet sure how we feel about the people we just met. With Circles you don’t need to decide how much you share until later! Start by sharing the bare minimum, and switch later to share more elaborately.

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Never fall out of touch.

Your contacts’ information is dynamically updated and automatically synced to your address book (if you choose auto sync).

It’s like having many business cards

Create many cards: one for your professional life, another for your social, one for each of your hobbies, and one when you meet other parents, You may even translate some to other languages. Be creative… tailor cards for different encounters.

About Us

We, at Circles, are all about helping you get and stay meet. We believe that meeting and networking should be a seamless and rich experience.

So we built an app for you to instantly exchange contact information, automatically form groups and immediately start communicating - each with a single tap.

This is powerful, not only when you meet new people, but even with friends and colleagues: instead of typing everyone’s names into an email, Circles does the tedious work for you, so that you can focus on the important things in life.

We designed Circles to solve the issues we experience in our own busy life in Silicon Valley, and built into it flexibility, all while trying to keep it simple. We hope you find Circles to be an instrumental tool in your professional and personal life.

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What is Circles?

Circles is the swiss army knife of meeting, combining the power of a single-tap contact information exchange and group formation, and the convenience of a contact management tool.

Meeting and Networking like never before
Tap to exchange contact information with people nearby, or use a secure code to exchange remotely. You can also invite people to exchange over Airdrop, NFC, email, text and many other apps. Create multiple cards to share flexibly based on whom you meet - it’s like having many customizable business cards at the tip of your finger.

From meeting to email with a click:
Use Circles in all your meetings to automatically form groups, and single-tap to immediately send a group email or text message effortlessly.

Forgetting names is a thing of the past
Circles keeps you meet with the people you meet, and contextualizes your contacts to helps you remember how you met and what you shared with them. You can sync to your phone’s default address book automatically or manually, so that the contact info you added with Circles is available on all your devices.

Join our team!

Join our team and help revolutionize the way people meet. We are looking for creative, fun, and talented people with all kinds of experience, who are passionate about quality and want to build and spread the technology that people love to use.

Get the Circles app on your phone and start meeting now.