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We made it so you can just focus on the exterior of your app or website while we can manage your backend. Why reinvent the wheel when we have the mold already made? You can spend up to 70% less time building and devote more time with making your customers happy. From the cloud infrastructure to the databases & user management system we got you covered.

Now it's easier and faster than ever to have scaliblity and real time all wrapped in one.

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cloud & databases:

Who really wants to manage the backend, making sure everything scales and won't break? Well it just happens to be that we do :) . We manage everything from the database which has built-in schema set to make it easy to just start building. It's a snap to hosting your website with just using git to push to our servers; no need to push the whole thing at once anymore.

real time:

What's with all the excitement about "real time"? What does it mean? Real time allows you to have engaging end users and be always in the know. Want to know how many users are converting? you can see it live. Want to talk with your customers with live chat? go ahead. We make it easy to use to make your site come to life. We also implemented a REST API and push notifications that can be used both web sites and apps. With everything on the same backend you can manage your app on a custom web panel, make colors light up & graphs in real time!


When you build and deploy a web application you should have at least 3 environments at your disposal... A development environment where you can break anything and not get hurt, not to mention all the debugging fully readable code. A staging environment where you have all your code and images minified and compiled. Of course use it for internal testing, putting through it the wringer to iron out problems. And then pass validated changes to production. All of this is standard in; so no more localhost or everyone with their own version of the code. It's all tested on the same system that deloys live.


Whether it's production, staging, or development you may need to roll back to prior code releases and important files like server certificates. Change control is easily managed in, so you can roll back if you need to.

user management:

Be it user authentication, access control lists, or assigning permissions, every site needs a user system. User management is built-in. also has social integration built-in so that users of your web applications can sign in with: facebook , twitter, linkedin, github, google; the list goes on.


Geo mapping is being used everywhere, from seeing how far you are from the nearest starbucks, or check to see if you're near a concert. With mongodb at the helm, you can easily check to see if users are with in a distance of a location or if they are inside a geofenced area.

fequently asked questions

  • How came about?

    We have built a number of web applications on the good old common stack of LAMP (linux apache mysql php). But the past few years, the landscape has been quickly changing, a new emphasis on real time, user engagement, and faster iterations has emerged. Keeping tabs on all of the changes was getting difficult, but it was deemed necessary to have a competitive edge.

    After spending months building products with the new stack of nodejs, redis, mongodb, backbone, and We couldn't turn back, after feeling the power and speed of how awesome the stack ran. But we admit, it was challenging to make sure we had the last versions and kept everything stable on all of our projects.

    We felt it was something we wanted everyone else to enjoy with out all the headache of setting it up, managing, and scaling, that we had to endore. So we desided to make, and add a few bells and whistles, in addtion to the basics of the backend to get you starting to build right away.


Antonio "pelle" Pellegrino
Loren Abdulezer

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